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Java management of Office and OpenOffice components

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I tried to find libraries for Office document management (from java) and/or openOffice doc.

I've come accross unfinished things, that really surprise me.

I come from a small non-java framework and we had everything to manipulate COM objects.

I find here opensource initiatives more or less active, more or less finished !!

Is there existing support for manipulating COM objects from within Java env, and OpenOffice objects aswell (more for linux platform in this case).


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Joined: 2014-04-29

Have you tried to include a component LibOpenOffice?

Joined: 2014-04-29

iren37 wrote:
Have you tried to include a component LibOpenOffice?

I will say from my own experience, I included LibOpenOffice. COM technology is unreliable and buggy. In addition to that work with OpenOffice documents not sensible to work with COM.

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A non-COM alternative for basic reading and writing of Office formats is POI ( Word support seems quite limited at the moment, but I've used it for reading and writing Excel files.

com4j ( and J-Integra ( are two COM alternatives. I've used J-Integra and it is quite good but not free.

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Try jni wrapper. it's not free, but the price isn't bad in my opinion. I do a lot of com/java inetgration and it's worked great for me.