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How to define/use a "patch" ?

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Is there a way in glassfish to have a .jar that will contain "replacement" class so that they are loaded first instead of the glassfish class ?

As an example, I have provided a fix for the Issue 176 ( ) that prevent Java enum to be used as valid types in EL.

This involve replacing com.sun.el.lang.ELSupport, so I was just looking for getting the source of the class, patching and running it against my current version ...

Any ideas ?


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Joined: 2005-04-13

Try this,

in domains//config/domain.xml
you can find the following element.

add the following attribute : classpath-prefix="your-jar-file-name-with-absolute-path"

such that it will look like

Restart the Application server and changes will take effect.

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Copy patch.jar to $GLASSFISH_HOME/lib. There you will find other jars like appserv-rt.jar etc. Then to tell GlassFish to use classes from your jar file use classpath-prefix settings.It can be done in two ways:
either on the GlassFish admin console (select Application Server on the left, then JVM Settings tab, then Path Settings tab) or manually in the domain.xml file (java-config element, classpath-prefix attribute; separate with ${path.separator})

restart the server.

To know whether your jar is used or not, in the server.log see the ClassPath that is logged when server starts.

Hope this helps,

Joined: 2003-06-12

Thanks all for your inputs, it was awesome !

Here is a summary of the sucessfull procedure :

#1 Build a .jar using Netbeans EE 5 packing your class, mine is "patch-ELSupport.jar"
#2 Create a folder named "patch" in Glassfish install root and copy the Jar
#3 Go in the web admin console under ApplicationServer/JVMSettings/PathSettings/ClasspathPrefix and put the line :


#4 Restart Glassfish and check in the log for jar presence.

My patch was about using Java 1.5 enum in EL and is working nicely :)

At this time I picked the file over fisheye, but once we will have the jar src with each build, using this technique anybody can easilly fix one issue blocking !


PS : I do hope JSF EG will agree to add to the final spec enum support to EL. Won't it be funny to see a Java SE 5 feature unhandled in a Java EE 5 spec ?