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Is UDDI still alive

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currently I'm searching the web for UDDI information, but all I can find are quite old entries. Is UDDI still a valid (and used) part of a SOA?
Do you have any experience using UDDI?
Where can I find some more up-to-date UDDI information?
Is there any technique that replaces UDDI?

I hope you can help me to answer the questions. Thanks.


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UDDI has been struggling to find relevance IMHO. Even its greatest promoters are now dissing it:

A recent inquiry I posted about UDDI deployments yielded no replies:

In contrast, ebXML Registry and Repository has been seeing quite and steady adoption and provides a repository in addition to a registry:

I am affiliated with both ebXML RegRep and freebXML Registry project.

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UDDI is very much part of the SOA.
Most of the people use UDDI 2.0.
However, both IBM and Microsoft also operate UDDI 3.0 registries for the benifit of developer community.

What exactly do you need that is related to UDDI?

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Hi is there any Java API that implements UDDIv3