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"Alexa Top Sites'' Web Service Now Available for Developers Through Amazon Web Services

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New web service allows software and web developers to incorporate lists of web sites, ranked in order of Alexa Traffic Rank, directly into their applications

Alexa Internet, a subsidiary of, (Nachrichten/Aktienkurs) Inc. (Nasdaq:AMZN), today launched the Alexa Top Sites web service on the Amazon Web Services web site. The Alexa Top Sites web service provides software and web developers with programmatic access to lists of web sites ordered by Alexa Traffic Rank, which represents one of the largest, most up-to-date and global samples of Internet usage available. This data can be used by developers for a wide-range of products and services like prioritizing aggregated information on a web site and building products that help businesses make decisions such as where to most effectively advertise. Developers can sign up and get started using Alexa Top Sites today at the Amazon Web Services web site