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I find it rather amusing (actually reminiscient might be more accurate) to see the flurry around AJAX. In particular, the number of companies that are springing up out of nowhere with 'AJAX desktops', 'AJAX Office' and 'AJAX messaging'. Feels like I'm back in 99. TechCrunch does a rather good job of following these developments.

The delivery of 'web services' does not mean 'something delivered via a web browser'. Hopefully people will pick up on that sooner rather than later. Java developers have been there for some time already. The notion of Web 2.0 is exciting, but people are getting too wrapped up in the browser paradigm. Javascript, SOAP and XML are cool, but I've yet to see a compelling interface delivered via a web browser that didn't use Flash or Java. Most remind me of Windows 3.11 with pastel colours.