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problems building mustang on win 2k

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I'm a newbie and I am trying to build java 1.5(mustang) on windows using cygwin and visual studio. I found no documentation on the sunsite which uses cygwin.

Could anybody point me to a url, or possibly a short tutorial which mentions the steps for successfully building java.


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Joined: 2005-12-22

I have managed to get the compile started.
But it aborts giving the following error

RC : fatal error RC1109 : error creating /cygdrive/c/DOCUME~1/Administrator/build/control/make//../build/windows-i586/tmp/java/hpi/windows_threads/obj/hpi.res

Seems rc.exe is not able to create hpi.res.

Googling around says that occurs because of write permission
error. I am able to touch a file in the directory.

What seems to be the problem?

Can somebody throw some light?

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Tiger is 1.5 or 5.0 usually found in a jdk1.5.0 directory, Mustang is 6 usually found in a jdk1.6.0 directory.
If you are talking about Tiger, I won't be surprised if using cygwin is difficult. Mustang should not have this problem, and if it does we need to fix it.

The RC.EXE utility (a resource compiler I think) may want the path name given to it in the C:/ or C:\ form. Most non-cygwin windows utilities will not be able to understand the /cygdrive/c/ pathnames which you might get from pwd.

These kind of issues were resolved in the Mustang makefiles by using 'cygpath -m -s' which gives us the C:/ or what they call the "mixed path' form which RC.EXE seems happy with. We avoid the C:\ pathnames because of the difficulty with the \ character being an escape character in most shells, using C:/ pathnames is best overall. Of course cygwin requires the use of /cygdrive/c/ pathnames in the PATH environment variable so they can use ':' as a path separator.

In general, make sure the ALT_* environment variables use the C:/ style of pathnames, and watch out for the use of 'pwd' in the makefiles.

Tiger sources and makefiles did not officially support building with CYGWIN, but it was used to a limited degree, so it's possible that some minor changes to some of the makefiles might get it working for at least the j2se source tree.

Hope this was helpful.