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SystemTray on linux (looking ugly)

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Joined: 2005-12-19

Why does the SystemTray on linux looks so ugly and does not follow the java theme (it looks like motif)? The JDIC SystemTray looks like the normal java L&F but the SysTray in mustang does not. On windows it is all fine (what a surprise...), just on linux it is not (as always).

Bug? Missing Feature? Know issue?

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Joined: 2003-06-09

Can you provide more information on your questions:

1. Are you talking about the Java Cup logo in the Linux system tray?

2. Are you talking about how the graphic is integrated into the system tray? Possibly in a way that doesn't follow Linux or JDS de facto standards?

3. Which build of mustang are you testing with ?

Joined: 2005-12-19

at first: thanks for your reply!

Now about your questions:

I talked about the PopupMenu coming up after right clicking the TrayIcon (it's a PopupMenu, not a JPopupMenu - since it isn't possible to show a JPopupMenu without a parent, I have to use the PopupMenu and set it via the icon.setPopupMenu(..) method)[1]. On windows it looks like all other Applications [3].
But now I think I know why it is like this. On Liunx the native-look is the one I get on [1]. All other Apps on Linux using qt to show this menu but java use the x11-libraries. Hmm... but the JDIC Paket use the java-look which is much better than the native-look in this case. There must be a way to show a JPopupMenu instead I think...

Well, because you talked about the graphic: The TryIcon isn't transparent - regardless if I use a transparent png or not. Is there a way to show a transparent button instead? [2]

The Build I use is the latest one (build 1.6.0-rc-b64)


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There is an RFE to get JMenu support for tray icons.