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Why wait to add "GroupLayout" to Java 7, it should be in 6!

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Joined: 2004-03-07

I see an interview on a new LayoutManager, that is released in version 1.0 AND used in NetBeans.
It's planed to be included in Java 7.

Why do I have to include a jar to ship my application?

ps: of course, current layouts are not humanly maintainable, so of no use. Now I use jGoodies.

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Joined: 2004-04-06

A short answer to your question would be that it just did not make it into Java SE 6, primarily for the time reasons. From reading the interview (, you probably know that a new layout manager was not a goal initially but instead emerged naturally from the needs of the NetBeans Matisse project.

The good news is that using the swing-layout library, you can run Matisse applications on 1.4.2 (and, of course, all newer) JREs. And like you mentioned GroupLayout and other things from the Swing Layout Extensions project are definitely on its way to being included into the JDK in the future.