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deploy EJB 2.1 ear file to glassfish

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I didn't see a posting related to my particular problem so here I am.

I have an existing EJB 2.1 ear file that I can deploy to both JBOSS 4.x and Weblogic 9.x J2EE containers.

We use xdoclet annotations in our EJBs to generate the vendor specific JNDI mapping files. The closest xdoclet support for glassfish I could find is for sunone J2EE container. It was not readily apparent the sunone xdoclet annotation to generate the container specific binding info.

Could someone help point me in the right direction for deploying existing EJB 2.1 ear file onto glassfish.

I am investigating EJB 3.0 migration issues, so any information on this will be greatly appreciated. I am reasonably sure others will benefit as well.

Thanx in advance.

- Young

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Hi Young

The Glassfish application server does not support providing runtime information through xdoclet. You need to use a sun-ejb-jar.xml (look at the examples in the blueprints/devtests) and bundle that xml file along with your ejb-jar.xml file.

In your particular case, it could make sense to do the EJB 3.0 migration at the same time as EJB 3 applications will require less runtime settings than before (mappedName for resources, persistence)

To find EJB 3 examples, you can checkout appserv-tests and look in devtests/ejb/ejb30 directory. Those are dev tests so don't expect them to be focus on teaching or showing the technology but they are functional.

Hope this helps,