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Implement JXTA initialisation-prompt in own App?

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Joined: 2005-12-08

Hello everybody!
Im new to JXTA and this forum..
I've got an important question for my project im developing by now.

The first time, JXTA is initialized, there is always a gui promt, asking for Username,Password,and so on..
Is it possible, to implement this in my own Application?
Im thinking about filesharing, and it would really be usefull, to change these Settings in an option-section.

I hope you know what i mean...

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Joined: 2006-01-20

Hello Juki,

I am new to the forum and Jxta as well and am also trying to do the same thing. Check out the Platform code from CVS or download Nightly Build for Platform and look at classes like:


Also look at test classes like:


Also see link:

I am having issues with Windows machines and the Configurator class at the moment but I dare say the matter will be resolved soon.


John Dickerson