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Help need for the 'HelloWorld' example

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I am new to this netbean IDE. I am following the example and it seems that the 'import hi.HelloWorldRemote;' does NOT recognized in the ''.

I am wondering, I checked the full path in the project for 'HelloWorldRemote' in my computer is : C:\Documents and Settings\xiaobo\HelloWorld\HelloWorld-ejb\src\java\hi, and for '' is :
C:\Documents and Settings\xiaobo\HelloWorld\HelloWorld-war\src\java\beans\

So how can the '' find the 'hi.HelloWorldRemote' at all????????

Does the example ever tested at all?


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Joined: 2003-09-03

Which version of NetBeans are you using?

Do you have a link to the example that you are referring to?

You may want to look at the Libraries project properties.

Make sure the web app project knows about the ejb project...