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VisualStudio project for HotSpot b61

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Joined: 2005-11-29

There are some issues with the VisualStudio 2003 projects created for the HotSpot VM using the batch file "hotspot\build\windows\create.bat":

1) the script complains that the file "includeDB_adlc" is missing. Creating an empty file with this name resolves the problem.

2) Inside VisualStudio, I do not get the source code browse information working. Even when enabling the compiler flags, I cannot navigate to the definition of methods and classes (the .bsc-file is created, so this can not be the problem).
Does anybody know how to get this working?

Does Sun plan to support the new VisualStudio 2005? Currently, it cannot be used because Microsoft deprecated some functions of the runtime library, which leads to compiler errors.

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Joined: 2005-11-29

Thanks, I fixed problem with dummy includeDB_adlc dependency (hopefully can get it into b62-b63).

Regarding symbol browser - it seems VC2003 has some problems with browsing info in general, and I found no way to generate project with browser info turned on by default (it's stored in .suo file, not in .vcproj).

You can use following steps to make it work.
1. Select Project->vm Proprties...
2. Select your configuration, like compiler1_product,
3. In Configuration Properties set 'Build Browser Information' to yes.
4. Build your project
5. Use File->Open->File and load (set type to Source Browser Files) jvm.bsc from build/compiler1/product/jvm.bsc

Now source browsing should be available.