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JAXB 2.0 download has one jar. Are the others in the JWSDP?

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My use of JAXB is to do some text mining on docs in XML format. But I'd like all the structures in RAM (messy text with Greek characters, superscripts, subscripts - they all matter). So I want to use JAXB. But the site has only the one jaxb-api.jar file. All uses of JAXB require additional jars. So do I pull them out of the JWSDP? It seems that I'm a real outsider who can't read between the lines or find the lines to read that make this clear.


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1. Go to
2. click the big "download EA2" icon
3. run the jar file

Joined: 2005-12-08

Just download the big JAR from the top project page (linked icon on the left). You run this w/ java -jar and it will install itself into the current directory.