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Java game loading problems

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Joined: 2005-11-16

I have recently come into a problem with the new java 5.0 when loading games. It will not inited and i get alot of error messages some of which are as follows:
Jvmtest pasted
load class com.pogo.client.loading.Applet not found
at sun.applet.AppletClassLoader.findclass(unknown source)
at java.lang.classloader.loadclass(unknown source)

caused by:javaio.IOException:open HTTP connection failed

I am not sure what to do I have did everything that java has suggested and what pogo has suggested this was my last hope, I would be very greatful if someone could please help me! Thank you

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Joined: 2003-08-22

Since the HTTP connection failed is it possible
that you are behind a firewall of some kind?
If so, try setting a web proxy:

For other Pogo issues see: