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complexType definition in SOAP client request

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Hi All,

I am newbie to SOAP and am trying to figure out a way to write a simple SOAP request for one of the webservices deployed on our server.

The service inputs a DTO of the form:-
public class PaymentArrayDTO extends implements {
private PaymentIODTO[] paymentIODTO;
private UserProfileInfoDTO userDTO;

I specify this structur in my SOAP body as:-
Name newList = envelope.createName("gov.ed.fsa.payment.dto.PaymentArrayDTO");
SOAPElement newListElement = bodyElement.addChildElement(newList);

Name paymentIODTO = envelope.createName("paymentIODTO");
SOAPElement paymentIODTOValueElement = newListElement.addChildElement(paymentIODTO);
paymentIODTOValueElement.addAttribute(envelope.createName("xsi:type"), "soapenc:Array");
paymentIODTOValueElement.addAttribute(envelope.createName("soapenc:arrayType"), "gov.ed.fsa.payment.dto.PaymentIODTO[1]");
paymentIODTOValueElement.addAttribute(envelope.createName("xmlns:soapenc"), "");

Name paymentObj = envelope.createName("gov.ed.fsa.payment.dto.PaymentIODTO");
SOAPElement paymentObjElement = paymentIODTOValueElement.addChildElement(paymentObj);
paymentIODTOValueElement.addAttribute(envelope.createName("xmlns:ns1"), "");

But I get an error, javax.xml.soap.SOAPException: org.xml.sax.SAXException: WSWS3136E: Error: No deserializer defined for array type gov.ed.fsa.payment.dto.PaymentIODTO.

I am sure I am specifying it wrong, can someone please give me a sample code to specify an array of DTO's into another DTO??


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If you would like your question to reach a wider audience,
you should post it to the mailing list. This forum is used for discussing JAXB and JAX-WS related issues and from what I can tell you are not using either. The above mailing list maybe more helpful.