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IDE for Java

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Dear adherents we ask you to support our project:

"Testing and analyses IDE for Java" (TAIDEJ)
For today there is quite a lot of IDE - tools that allow automating and facilitating process of writing programs using Java language. These tools are various; both on the functionalities, and on set of other characteristics, which it is impossible to establish at once, and some of them are of enough subjective character, for example an estimation of the interface of the user. Therefore it is difficult enough to programmers, especially beginners, to orient in a choice for further work of IDE -tool. Frequently this choice is carried out by casual image, however later can arise a situation when the chosen tool ceases to satisfy the user for any reasons, but not always it turns out to pass quickly enough and successfully to more "powerful" in opinion of the user, IDE - tool. It can be connected, both with specificity of adjustment, and with banal shortage of time, and as with disappointment in new tools, or by virtue of attachment to old tool, or by virtue of other subjective reasons. All this is consequence of t hat, unfortunately now it is practically impossible to find objective enough information on existing IDE - to tools for Java, concerning different aspects of work with them.

Therefore coordination group undertakes attempt, to execute independent testing and the all-round analysis, existing IDE - tools that will allow help the user at a choice of concrete tools.

The Given project will roughly consist of three parts.

The First part includes gathering the statistical information on existing IDE tools for what we had been developed. The questionnaire -

The Second part - development, actually techniques of testing and analysis of IDE - tools.

The Third part, using, one of known ways of the multi-criteria optimization, for example generalized function of desirability (The Harrington criteria) and the data received as a result of performance of the first and second part, and also methods of non-parametric statistics to try to receive an estimation of this or that IDE -tools.

For today it is difficult enough to predict the further aspects of development of the project. Probably, any parts of the project can be added or change. But the main thing, that at us is desire to execute the given project up to the end.

Become the participant of the project any interested person as than more than participants can, especially objective estimation will be received. Besides it would be interesting to us to hear various opinions and advice, there can be someone, already has similar experience. We with gratitude shall accept any help and we shall consider all opinions.

As it is necessary to note, that the project is noncommercial and consequently we hope and aspire to receive an objective and independent estimation.

We Hope for joint fruitful cooperation!!!
Coordination group

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Hi ygyl,

some remarks:

IntelliJ IDEA ist available under

IDEA under is JMaker IDE

Please correct the product names and links

Rating/mark is confusing!
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Hi CodeFreeze,
Thank for the remark,
All have already corrected.