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add XML support for java.util.ResourceBundle

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Joined: 2004-11-24

Currently, ResourceBundle support only properties based loading, since properties is ISO8859-1 based, it is not suitable for other language. although native2ascii tool can help us to solve the problem, i think the best way for it is to support loading XML resource.

Now, for example, ResourceBundle.getBundle("foo.Demo") should first load foo/Demo_xx_yy.xml then foo/

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Joined: 2005-12-06

Mustang has some enhancements to ResourceBundle so that you can define resources in other formats, like XML. Please check out .

Joined: 2004-07-07

Having to create a class if you want to localize anything besides Strings is a pain.

ResourceBundle should attempt to load a serialized ResourceBundle using Beans.instantiate