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Calling web services from stand-alone Java

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I am assuming that you have an IDE to develop your stand-alone Java code in. I happen to use Eclipse, so the examples I give are biased to that, adjust as you feel fit if you use some other environment. I also have to develop on a windoze machine, so am referring to things based on using dos (!!) batch files etc.

Firstly need to generate proxy classes to call web service hosted in WebLogic. I first tried this using the WebLogic clientgen task, but that fails as it cannot resolve imported type definitions (apparently fixed in WLS8.1 SP5, but that?s too much hassle for me). So, Axis it is then, just download a version and stick it somewhere, and then create an ant build.xml file along the following lines (I have left the WebLogic bits in for reference, may use them if I upgrade WL at some point, or maybe not!)