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JRE server bundling

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Is there any reason why the server JVM is not bundled with the JRE? I have to manually copy the server folder from JDK to the JRE folder.


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This is because we try to limit the jre download size, and the expectation is that typical user won't need a server vm.

But I guess I see your point that if someone downloaded a jdk we could've copied the server vm to the jre.

Java2D Team

Joined: 2005-09-22

Hmmm, have you guys looked at this from another standpoint?

The biggest downloads in my jre 1.5_04 folder excluding the 'classes.jsa' is the various jar files. Is it possible to use a different lossless compression format for enclosing the jar itself or jar contents? This will be a new format which starts from Mustang, say 7z. I unzipped all of rt.jar's contents to a test folder, and used 7zip with 'ultra' selected on 7z format. The resulting rt.jar is now slightly more than 6Mb.

That is 32,935 Kb ==> 6,157 Kb
The 39, 693 Kb may go to 7,000 kb for Mustang b56.

Am I missing something here?

All I can think that is that you would need to figure out the best compression method, dictionary size, hash size in 7-zip to give the same runtime performance as the existing zip based format.

I am also curious if the 'classes.jsa' is generated by the installer when the install takes place for the first time?


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Classes.jsa is generated by the installer.

1. java -Xshare:off
2. Delete classes.jsa
3. java -Xshare:dump

and a new classes.jsa will be created.

They have to change installer for the compression issue. Free installers that use solid LZMA compression are InnoSetup or NSIS. They insist to use the wonderful Microsoft installer. ;)