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Tomcat vs Sun Java™ System Application Server Platform

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Joined: 2005-03-31

Can someone help me in explaining any difference other than than Servlet vs J2EE.
I am trying to push Sun java app server in my organization over tomcat and wondering whether there are any articles.
Also how reliable is Sun Java Server over Tomcat in production platform? Please direct me to the right forum in case this isn't the right place.


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Joined: 2005-02-10

Tomcat and SJSAS PE are similar, except SJSAS is fully J2EE compliant. Tomcat is quite fast for developers, but doesn't scale. SJSAS is slow for the developer (we are making progress), but scales much better than Tomcat.

Feature wise, SJSAS has more to offer... but for JSP/Servlet only, Tomcat is often preferred because it is perceived as being easier to install/setup and manage.

Unfortunately, I don't have more info to give you. I can further look into the reliability question. I can try to answer specific questions like this but we just don't have a document which compares the two.