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Advertise Web services with Atom 1.0

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In November of 2001, IBM and Microsoft jointly published a draft of the Web Services Inspection Language. Billed as "an XML format for assisting in the inspection of a site for available [Web] services," the fundamental intent of the specification was to provide a simple means of discovering when new services had been made available at a particular endpoint location. Unfortunately, while a few implementations of the specification did emerge in a few products, use of WS-Inspection never really took off. The specification has remained untouched and essentially forgotten since its publication.

Since that time, however, the need for a simple means of discovering when new Web services are available has not diminished, and work has continued in other areas. The W3C Web Services Addressing Working Group, for example, has been working to develop the means of addressing and referencing Web services endpoints. Unfortunately, neither the WS-Addressing specifications nor the related WS-* specifications being developed under the auspices of the W3C and OASIS organizations address the fundamental problem of providing a simple means of notifying clients when new Web services have become available.