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BEA adds support to Weblogic for Spring

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Joined: 2003-06-09

BEA created a certified WebLogic distribution that includes Spring 1.2.5, WebLogic console support for Spring managed objects (using JMX), and more. The certified distribution can be downloaded from BEA's distribution Web site free of charge. The distribution is called "Spring on WebLogic Server kit".

BEA rearchitected their sample application to use Spring and included this with their "Spring on WebLogic Server kit". BEA took a traditional J2EE application using Stateless Session Beans and Struts and rewrote it with Spring using POJOs sans the EJBs. The application employs Spring support for JMS (JMSTemplate), Spring remoting (using JAX-RPC Invoker, Web Services), Spring JDBC support and more.