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Code coverage, Mem-leak and perfromance tools

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Joined: 2005-09-29

Hi i'm currently busy searching for some Code coverage, Mem-leak and performance tools. But i can't decide what is good to use, there are so many. I'm using Eclipse as IDE. There are some requirements to the tools though. They have to be run from the command line or ant. It would be nice if the tools come as one complete package, and it also would be nice if they are open source. This how ever does not mean that i'm not interested in commercial tools.

Which tools do you recommend?

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Joined: 2005-09-28

I've used Emma quite extensively and really like the html format of its reports.

I've just found metacheck ( I haven't tried it yet, but here's a description of it: "Metacheck is java code checking tool that read and parses results of 'real' code checkers, writes these results to a uniform lay-out and generates a meta result."

The FAQ claims it can parse results from the following code checkers: checkstyle, cpd, findbugs, jcsc, lint4j, hammurapi, pmd, qj-pro, and revjava.

Since I was running many of those tools separately, this was a dream come true. I'll post later on whether it lives up to the claims.

Joined: 2005-07-07

I have previously looked at jcoverage which has proved to be a bit difficult to get up and running. However if you take a look at Maven rather than Ant for your build process you can install a JCoverage Maven plugin which will get you up and running in next to nothing.


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I would recommend you first check out Netbeans' profiler. If it still is too buggy to use (as it was for me a few months back) then give JProfiler a try. The latter is commercial but it works very well.


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I second the JProfiler suggestion. I've found it incredibly easy to use for client and server use.