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Building SOA Your Way

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A fault line runs beneath the groundswell that began a few years ago with XML Web services and continues today as SOA (service-oriented architecture). True, nearly everyone agrees that XML messaging is the right way to implement low-level, platform-agnostic services that can be composed into higher-level services that support enterprises business functions. Yet, here's also a sense that the standards process has run amok.

IBM Latest News about IBM, Microsoft Latest News about Microsoft, and others have proposed so many Web services standards that a new collective noun had to be invented: WS-* (pronounced "WS star" or sometimes "WS splat"). The asterisk is a wild card that can stand for Addressing, Eventing, Policy, Routing, Reliability, ReliableMessaging, SecureConversation, security Latest News about Security, Transactions, Trust, and a frighteningly long list of other terms. Surveying this landscape, XML co-creator Tim Bray pronounced the WS-* stack "bloated, opaque, and insanely complex."