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Week 4: Distributed Web Services

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Distributed web services is one of the most exciting technologies being developed today. Want proof? Look at Google's stock price. Why are they so valuable? Because they are the industry leader in distributed web services.

I am using the term distributed to reference a web service that exists on the internet. This is an amazing concept which is currently in it's infancy. As we saw from David's example in class, when companies like Google provide a web service that anyone can connect to, it empowers all users of the internet and drives innovation at all levels. I'm not just referring to their search engine, but also their map engine, their scholarly article engine, their shopping engine, and every other engine they provide to the world. Google started their business by providing a great tool to anyone who would choose to use it, also through any method they chose, and they continue to thrive on this business model. So where does it all go from here?