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Troubleshooting SOAs and Grids Not Going to be Easy

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With BEA World kicking off this week, there's a ton of noise about J2EE environments and SOAs. This article today from Network World highlights the recent trend of Grid computing as the preferred application server for SOAs. In 2004 (and again in this Computerworld column last year), Ian Foster called out the fact that SOAs and Grid computing were on converging paths (via web services standards and capabilities) ... it's interesting to see how quickly that prediction has been realized, with mainstream end users like Wachovia and Acxiom running SOAs on top of service-oriented Grid infrastructures. Another interesting point in the article is that one of the challenges that we often see called out as an inhibitor for Grid growth is that applications have to be re-written for Grid environments ... but Wachovia points out that Grid-enabling applications with Java actually isn't that difficult.

Another discussion that I believe will start to get more air-time is what it means to troubleshoot SOA / Grid environments.