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imho SOA--the TBDs

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What still needs to be defined, developed, delivered, deployed, and demonstrated to realize SOA's potential in the real world.
SOA is clearly a work in progress. Actually, SOA is a target state that many organizations may approach but never fully attain. It's all about achieving maximum reuse and minimum redundancy of services throughout complex, multiplatform distributed environments. Raising the bar even higher, the industry continues to elaborate the SOA vision by adding all of Web services, IT governance, enterprise service bus (ESB), business process management (BPM), model-driven development (MDD), and other hot topics to the bubbling brew.

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Joined: 2005-09-03

I think the definition of SOA is a work in progress.

There is some confusion about whether SOA is a concept or a tool, I think.

SOA is a concept of encapsulation at the enterprise level. Encapsulation of a business concept into a sub-system of the enterprise.

Everything else, XML, SOAP, UDDI, Web Services, etc are tools that strive to make SOA easier to implement.

I don't think SOA is a new concept. It is new term used to describe new tools and standards around an old concept.