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About Mobicents/JBoss Architecture

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Hi everybody,
Introducing a VOIP project, I made to have some research on SIP Servlets via SLEE Java solutions. (I conclude that I should choose from SIP Servlets RI and Mobicents as my application framework.)
As I got, SIP Servlets RI is a standalone light-weight (deployable) container , but mobicents is a SBB container on top of JBoss(= The container I realy love ).
My question is this:
Does plugging to JBoss EJB container through JMX feed the perfomance needs of JAIN SLEE applications?
One of the primary goals of the JAIN SLEE spec is to bring non-EJB light and fast comminucation services 'cause EJB containers are not good Event-Driven solutions.
Reading some posts, got that mobicents is'nt an EJB wrapper solution, but what about Transactions? Event Routing? Persistance?, ...
Are they supported by (on top of) JBoss, how mobicents brings those performance needs better than JBoss?
If not, why then we haven't a standalone Mobicents SLEE container?
In a word, "Why Mobicents developers have choosen to develope on top of an EJB container?"

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