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A bug in Swing? - And the license of Suns Demo-progs

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Read the following mail and the answers of it:

The problem is, in GNU Classpath existing a Swing-Demo, which runs on a lot of JVMs using GNU Classpath, but which don't run on Suns JVMs...

Mark Wielaard answered to that post:
> Interesting. Maybe a bug in their plaf handling or
> a bug in our GNULookAndFeel.

Dalibor Topic writes:
> Please send a bug report to Sun, if it is a bug in
> Sun's implementation.
> If Sun's implementation does not follow the
> specifications, then Sun needs to fix it. It is
> pointless to work around bad implementations.

So, is the bug in Suns Java implementation or the implementation of GNU Classpath?

An other point is the license of the Demos in Suns JDK.
Is it possible, that Sun put the demos under a real OpenSource license?

The enhancement
> You acknowledge that this software is not designed,
> licensed or intended for use in the design,
> construction, operation or maintenance of any
> nuclear facility.

of the license of Suns Demos, makes the license to a non-OpenSource license. And so Suns Demos are also not OpenSource.