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The Geospatial Web: A Call to Action What We Still Need to Build for an Insanely Cool Open Geospatial Web

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Beyond a growing commercial interest in mobile GIS and location services, there's deep geek fascination with web mapping and location hacking. After several years of early experiments by a first generation of geohackers, locative media artists, and psychogeographers, a second, larger wave of hackers are demonstrating some amazing tricks with Google Maps, Flickr, and Meanwhile, a growing international cadre of open source digital geographers and frontier semantic hackers have been building first-generation working versions of powerful new open source web mapping service tools based on open standards like WMS (web map services) and WFS (web feature services), all built on GML (geographic markup language) and XML. You can see for yourself: hundreds of new geospatial web-related links from perhaps thousands of geeks and users are aggregated daily at