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Hunting wabbits... erm, bugs

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Joined: 2003-06-18

Could I request we beef up the search screen at:

Specifically, I am inspired by this page...

...which says...

"Our expectations are to start gently and to identify people... initially to integrate smallish bug fixes. Over time... we could work up to riskier fixes, then feature enhancements, and eventually all the way to collaboration on larger strategic enhancements"

Let us say I am keen to 'level up' to being allowed to work on 'riskier fixes and feature enhancements' and so am looking for some 'smallish bug fixes' to start out on.

It would be nice if the bug database allowed me to search for 'really old bugs that nobody has ever touched' or 'bugs lodged but not in progress', or even if Sun put together a list of 'smallish fixes that we're not going to get to that would be good for community fixes'.

At the moment I can pull up 'Top 25 Bugs' or 'Top 25 RFEs' but they are unlikely to be smallish.



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Joined: 2004-11-12

This is a great idea and we'll post a list of good "smallish" bugs to work on as soon as we can. We are also looking at ways to make some improvements to the bug database similar to those you suggest. Stay tuned and thanks for the comments.

If there are other improvements you'd like to see, please let us know on this forum.


Joined: 2004-11-12

Just in case anyone missed our announcement last week. Sun has put up a list of easy bugs to fix to help you get started making contributions to the JDK. See for the list, and for instructions on how to claim your bug to fix.

Joined: 2004-03-20

I agree, I would also like to work on small bugs in my spare time and I have always found the bug finder interface to be horrible.