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The Power of Networking

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Joined: 2003-07-24

Hi all,

I've been a developer for about 6 years (3 companies) now, and always knew somebody at companies I worked for before I was hired. One of the advantages of working as consultant is being able to meet many people (developers, project managers, etc) from different companies. Because I kept good relations with some of these people, the times I've needed/wanted to change jobs were easy because I applied at companies where I knew someone. I did this because I already knew a little bit about the environment, and I was able to get a recommendation. I've also helped 2 or 3 developers get jobs during my career. Because of all this, I don't worry much about being unemployed.

Any thoughts from developers with more experience? less experience?


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Joined: 2003-12-02

The bad news from thirty years in: all those people you used to network with for work have retired, changed industries or gone where there's more being done.

Joined: 2004-11-17

One of the most annoying things is getting unsollicited e-mails from people that wish to include me in their "circle". I've got this guy (working in the same company, but on different continent) that has sent me three of those, stating that he wishes to expand his horizons (i guess he is looking for another job). I don't know him, he probably harvested my mail from the net, and he doesn't even realize that this can seriously backfire.