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Java2D font rasterizer status

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Joined: 2004-03-15

Hello to all. I would like to know the status of Java2D font rasterizer bug fixing status. There is something new for this issue?
Thank you in advance, DT.

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Joined: 2004-03-15

Yes! The bad glyph of "8" in Arial 12 is gone!
Try the font jfc\Font2DTest of JDK and see!
The only questionnable case is the "S" and "A" capital in Dialog font (Tahoma 12?) using the new LCD antialias algorithm.

Thanx Java2D team!

Joined: 2003-06-09

Basically we implemented an MS extension to the
TrueType standard that MS implemented and used in a
couple of key fonts. That was the major fix.
There are still some open issues for us to pursue.
Definitely issues in key UI fonts such as Tahoma,
Microsoft Sans Serif, and the C* fonts (I forget all
their names) that are coming up in Vista will be of
particular priority.
Very specific reports of point size (indicating java
or native size) and font and O/S platform help a lot.
PNG images help even more .. in the Swing Win L&F its
possible you have configured your environment in such
a way that some other font than we might have guessed
is being used. Being absolutely certain what font
we are talking about helps a lot.

For example the poster compared our rendering of Arial.
Arial is rarely used in MS apps any more so my first
question would be "are you sure you are comparing like
with like". I haven't checked that specific case (just
writing) but I hope you see that when you file a bug
report we are all sure we are on the same page else more
effort goes into figuring that out than fixing the bug.
All too many bug reports come in incomplete and when we
ask for more info if we don't get that it makes it
harder to be sure what the issue is.

BTW please never use JPEG for text images. Only
use lossless formats (PNG please)

-Phil Race
Java 2D

Joined: 2004-10-07

I think you talk about this bug 4924220
(in fact an umbrella for lot of rasterisation bugs)

see the evaluation by yourself :

Rémi Forax