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SOA+ESB:Better but not Best

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Information Week?s Charles Babcock in the IWeek Aug 12th isssue praises SOA-Service Oriented Architecture in no uncertain terms: ?Service Oriented Architectures let companies lay the foundation for software that is fast to write, easy to integrate, and runs on a range of platforms?.SOAs provide a way of converting existing software into a set pattern of software components and networking protocols that can create a Web Service. This kind of architecture can also provide a foundation for future apps built that way. When implemented right, SOA software can speed up application development, let companies re-use more code and provide more standardized, less-proprietary means of integration among apps.?

Rigggghttttttt. And we have heard these same words for Object Oriented Analysis, CASE-Computer Aided Software Engineering, 4GLs-Fourth Generation Languages, and Structured Analysis and Design in preceeding silver-lined programming tidal waves occurring about once every eight years. The problem is that when selling the new technology we get sold the upside but not the full set of trade-offs which in effect is the downside.