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some ideas for a dissertation

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Hello all,
I am a 4th year honors student (BAppSc) Majoring in Telecommunications at Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand.

My dissertation topic is on JAIN SLEE, and Otago University is applying for a grant to get a research lab up and going from the government to work with JAIN SLEE, and has been working with Open Cloud to get things underway, this is all way over my head, im just a research lacky.

Anyway i am basically just writing an overview of JAIN SLEE;
how it is situated, where it fits in the market (what other proprietary solutions exsist),
what implementations of JAIN SLEE exsist,
comparing how they might be implemented,
how complete they are with their vision,
Analysis of how J2EE Vs JAIN SLEE,
probally some conformance testing using the TCK
some other practical / imperical testing.

pretty much just using JAIN SLEE, documenting my experience with it as someone who basically knew nothing about it.

basically i was just wondering if anyone knows or can think of some basic imperical testing that i could do. i thought about writing some basic RA for like a ping application but it would probally take me more time than i have left and also would be kinda pointless. (6 weeks left or so, as usual i left everything to the last minute)
i have been reading the forum and think some of the stuff you are doing is real interesting albeit over my head at the momoment. maybe just doing something like the HA demo
with a few (4?) machines, thats all my supervisor really wants.

i currently have been given Open Clouds RhinoSDK-1.3.0-ga
and have it up and running, and have tested the example SIP and JCC Services that came with it.
i have also downloaded Mobicents, but am yet to do anything with it.

Ross McLellan

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Hi Ross,

The HA Demo is an exciting piece to work on, but it is still work in progress and requires that you are intimately familiar with the JBoss clustering infrastructure and the Mobicents code.

Another good area to look at is our test suite. We need to revive the junit testsuite that Ranga created some time ago. It should be extended with SIP unit tests, possibly using the sipunit framework. It will allow us to keep adding functionality to the SIP components without manually retesting their functionality every time.


Joined: 2005-08-30

could be something for me to do, i'll find out what i can about the junit testsuit and then if my supervisor thinks its a good idea and i think i have the ability i might be able to help.