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Designing web pages

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Joined: 2005-08-29

I am studying a course on web design. Is Java something for me?

I am a newbie.

Your thoughts are welcome

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Joined: 2003-08-22

Even though this isn't really a performance
question I can say that Java is certainly a good
choice for web design.

There are at least as many web design frameworks
as there are programmers ;-)
Certainly many of them are in Java, but even if you later
use a different language I think the object-oriented
concepts from Java will help you in the learning process.

There are so many issues with web design I won't
even attempt to cover them here, but just highlight
a couple of references:
1. The Online Java Tutorial
2. The BlueJ Environment for learning Java
(I am not endorsing this product, simply that
I have heard it's good for learning Java)
3. Using Java servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP's)
for web development:
4. Building JSP's with the free NetBeans IDE