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Setting the Java heap memory in the Java Control Panel

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Dear all,

I am currently working on a java component which is used by a VisualBasic application. The way to do this is the ActiveX bridge provided by the Java Plugin - which works kind of.

However, as the java component does some heavy-duty calculation it needs quite some amount of memory, sometimes in excess of 256 MB. So, I tried to set "-Xmx500m" in the runtime parameter section of the Java Control Panel. After that the application can't load Java any longer. There are numerous reports on the net with respect to this. 256 MB seems to be the most that you can get. If anyone is willing to fix this I would be most grateful.

There is a worse problem though: When the memory settings are "-Xmx256m", java loads but the Java Console does not show any text printed to it. Instead the scrollbars are a bit fuzzy - as if the text was somehow printed on them?
However, if you press Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+C you can copy all the text (that you can't see) from the Java Console.

Could anyone please, please fix this?


needs to be connected to a Visual Basic application.
I am currently developing an application I have now tried for a while to set the java heap memory in the Java Control I

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Joined: 2005-08-24

I am not sure if I made myself clear: The Java Control Panel is completely unusable on Windows XP with heap memory configured at 256m - but that's the least problem. The bigger problem is that you just can't get enough memory.

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How do you change the Xmx value? I can only see a parameter field for the applet runtime !?