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JDK Debug and JRE bundles

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Today we have released our mustang build b48 to our community. So what's the special about build b48?. We have released our jdk debug and jre bundles for build b48 as well and going forward we will continue to provide these bundles.

You can download them from the following URL

These bundles are available in the self-extracting jar format. If you choose to download and install self-extracting JRE or DEBUG Jar bundles then you need to change the file permission to be executable in the bin directory after the installation.

For JRE bundle:

cd /jre1.6.0/bin
chmod +x *

For DEBUG bundle:

cd /jdk1.6.0/fastdebug/bin
chmod +x *
cd /jdk1.6.0/fastdebug/jre1.6.0/bin
chmod +x *

Please let me know if you have any questions.