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Auto Deploy - Round 2

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A new version of the auto deployment is available for testing.

1) Get the latest code from CVS
2) Make sure that the server is shut down
3) ant clean
4) ant auto-deploy-sip
5) bring up the server.
6) Bring up two SIP clients and have them connect

All these steps should work without exceptions in the server log file.

Please try it out and post feedback.

The old mechanism for "manual" deployment still works. In other words, 1) bringing up the server; 2) ant sipradeploy; 3) ant proxy-service-deploy; - still activates correctly the SIP components and allows SIP clients to connect.

Here is some additional information:

The new version of auto deploy uses an auxilary Bean Shell script (sip-deploy.bsh) to deploy and activate services in the right order. As it turns out, the SLEE DU descriptors leave several scenarious with ambiguous outcome. Therefore I was not able to write a SleeDeployer which completely resolves dependencies and automatically activates components based only on information in the descriptors. If there is additional interest in this topic, I can share details.

On server shutdown, the deployment script implements graceful undeployment in the reverse order of deployment. There seem to be some problem which results in exceptions with TreeCache locks. It would be a good task for some of our new members to take on if they want to get their hands dirty.


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Joined: 2003-07-13