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Weird Dtrace probe names in Mustang - b47

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Joined: 2003-06-16

I am on b47/Sol10/Sparc (but I am pretty sure I had this on previous builds).
I have weird probes names for the HotSpot provider. All the JNI probes names are correct.
Is this normal ?


__1cKJavaThreadDrun6M_v_ thread-start
__1cVVM_ParallelGCSystemGCEdoit6M_v_ gc-end
__1cbMVM_ParallelGCFailedPermanentAllocationEdoit6M_v_ gc-end
__1cNObjectMonitorGenter26MpnGThread__v_ monitor-contended-enter
__1cNCompileBrokerUcompiler_thread_loop6F_v_ method-compile-end
__1cPGCMemoryManagerGgc_end6M_v_ mem-pool-gc-end
__1cNObjectMonitorEexit6MpnGThread__v_ monitor-contended-exit
__1cSObjectSynchronizerJnotifyall6FnGHandle_pnGThread__v_ monitor-notifyAll

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Joined: 2003-06-17

These are C++ mangled names - pipe the output through c++filt to demangle. The probes in the hotspot_jni provider correspond to entry/return of functions that have global scope which explains why they are readable.