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Streaming of large payloads in JAX-WS2.0

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Doug and all -,
What are the provisions in the latest JAX-WS stack for dealing with web services with larger than normal payloads? Is there any specific capabilities for "xml streaming", plans for it, etc.?

Thanks a lot,

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Joined: 2005-08-16

I would think that using MTOM is about the best you can do. If you are working with web services, then you are talking about messaging.

If you want to efficient streaming of data, then I would say that you need some sort of connected model, which is a fundamentally different basis for communications than web services.

If you want to deal with very large payloads, you might need to "stream" the content in a sequence of messages (i.e., if the payload is larger than what you could reasonably deal with in a single message).

In some of the early work I did with web services, I pushed very hard to implement a streaming approach for streaming large chunks of data out of a database. It is a losing battle, and I have long since given up.