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Jre Installation simplified (at least on windows)

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Joined: 2004-06-30

Now if i have installed jre 1.4 and i want to install the 1.5 after i installed i have two jre installed.
I think it is better for end users to make an upgrade not a duplicate install !
It wuold upgrade if the new version is more recent than the version installed.
For end users in windows i think it is improtant.

Another question is that when i have installed jre 1.4 and jre 1.5 and then i uninstall the 1.5 it deletes also java.exe in system path so also the 1.4 doesn't run perfectly...

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Joined: 2004-01-07

I also agree - installing an older JVM after a newer should not destroy the whole java-system - maybe there'S a way to cleanly install against each other.

The I can understand the descision not tzo upgrade the current installation, however an option doing so would be great which is default-on. Since I know only very few users using an old installed JRE because they really need it.

lg Clemens