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Java Tools for my project

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Does anybody know what java tools i need to install to develop a web based customer care system for a telecom industry. I don't know where to start.

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Joined: 2004-01-24

My suggestion.
Let not the tool direct you.
Start like this.
I need web pages.
Do some research JSP,JSF,Struts... And Tomcat, ... you select
I even need data
EJB,Hibernate, plain JDBC select as per your need
Let me leave ide what about ant.

Let requirement ask for tools. Try this for a mock project hope results will be nice.

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I agree, you must start with the requirements up front. However, if it helps, and you find that you need Eclipse, Ant, Subversion etc. Check out these step by step instructions. Why pay for tools when you can get so much for free?

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That's a very broad question indeed, and one impossible to even begin to answer without a lot more information.
Most companies have quite a bit of infrastructure already in place which you'll need to interface with (or use in place) for example.