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New to JAIN and need help...please!

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My apologies if this enquiry is too basic or OT, or if I'm just plain looking in the wrong place!

I've developed a new call queue application for call centres that allows callers to hang up, then call back later without losing their place. Further details at

Currently we're deploying it over VOIP streams using the open source Asterisk PBX. We integrate with Asterisk at the logic level using its own (proprietary) CTI protocols. Asterisk has the capability to play the necessary messages, react to DTMF key presses, play music on hold, and also contains its own ACD (queue) system, which we use to distribute calls to agents once callers reach the front of OrderlyQ.

We want to widen the number of PBX/Switch systems we can support at the logic level to reduce network traffic, and help provide OrderlyQ as a standards-compliant network level service. We've had a look at CSTA and JTAPI, both of which seem to support the necessary functions, however one of our potential clients has suggested JAIN as a possibility.

I've had a look through all the JAIN JSRs (!), and become quite confused. These are the integration points:

OrderlyQ must be able to tell the PBX/Switch:

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Your intuition is good. Mobicents is a certified SLEE container and is the fundamental JAIN platform. It is designed to scale from PBX boxes to carrier grade IMS servers.

Much like JBoss for Enterprise and Web Applications, Mobicents will play a major role in enabling the next generation VoIP applications.

Currently Mobicents includes SLEE plugins, which implement many of the PBX features that you are looking for.

We are agressively adding more functionality and will eventually match most of the Asterisk features.

If there are particular functions that you need, but are not currently implemented, there are 2 ways that you can go about fixing that:
1) Commit development resources to contribute to Mobicents
2) Fund the development through the company providing Mobicents professional services.

You can get in touch with me at for more details.