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No need Maven?

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Joined: 2004-11-03

Hi, guys.

If I can recall right, I think that Starting up (Working well) the GlassFish needs Apache Maven.

But according to the [Getting Started Guide] page, it does not mention Maven at all.

? Don't we need to use Maven?
Or from a simple guess, Maven helps GlassFish work ( manage apps ) better??

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Joined: 2005-02-10

Hi dai,

The Getting Started page is intended for Java EE application developers. That is, developers who write an application that is deployed and running on an application server like GlassFish. Usually those developers use an IDE.

To build GlassFish itself you can use NetBeans or maven and you are right, most of the documentation on the site describes how to build using maven since that is what we do internally.

I'm working on a updating 2 things. First updates to the current Getting Started page to include infromation about IDEs that support GlassFish and second, an new Getting Started page for the GlassFish source developer.