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Fast Infoset & J2ME

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Hi, I hope this forum still is active. I'm looking at using Fast Infoset with J2ME via StAX - which in the JSR-173 spec (sect 4.12) is limited to the interfaces:

Now, looking at the source FI source code, it uses classes that do not exist in microjava's CLDC.

Theese are:

- Vector/Hashtable-like classes: Map, List, ArrayList, HashMap

- some Exceptions

- Regex expressions / evaluation - used in the com.sun.xml.fastinfoset.algorithm package, it seems for searching for a delimiter

- more ?

Now, I HOPE that most of theese problems are straight-forward to solve and I would like to do so in understanding with the original authors of the code.

Where do I go from here?

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Joined: 2003-06-20


As coincidence would have it a fork of the J2SE fast infoset (FISE) StAX implementation has been committed to the fi project workspace. This is called FIME and it is planned to modify the code to be more suitable for J2ME.

Ias (Changshin Lee) has been responsible for this, as part of the larger work for Web services on J2ME.

I suggest we conduct some dicussions over email on (you need to subscribe) to see how we can all work together on this.