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Swing development

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Joined: 2005-04-18

Anybody knows a good opensource tool to start developing swing applications ?

Considering JDNC is XML based, if I find a good tool is it still a good option or should I trust the tool to a easy development ?

Which one is more powerful ? Have anybody tried JDNC ? What are the limitations ?


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Joined: 2003-06-13

Check out Netbeans or Eclipse. or

Joined: 2007-03-04

I tried JDNC and used it for a while.
I don't linke very much its data binding mechanism: it's too complex and strange for me!

See OpenSwing opensource framework at

It provides a very simple guide to develop swing applications with several architectures: stand-alone application, 2 tier c/s application, 3 tier c/s application (web based too).
It provides also a suite of advanced graphics components.

See it!

Joined: 2007-02-09

If you are referring to an IDE to develop Swing applications in, maybe you can try eclipse, or easy eclipse ( or've only been using Eclipse for working with Swing for about a month or two, and it has tons of documentation on getting started...its been pretty helpful for me so far (you need to download Subclipse and Maven plug-ins for Eclipse), and the learning curve is in my opinion not so bad if you understand the process of compiling (building) and running java applications.

Unfortunately I didn't really understand the rest of your question, even though I know what XML is and have a hunch as to what JDNC is. But judging from this, I guess you're interested in Swing development for web-based applications?

You can always check out and see whats out there.

Joined: 2007-02-23

Stay away from IDE....
IDE gives you initial happiness but unknowingly creates burden for you. Every visual editor has to maintain some sort of project files which are meaning less for other IDE. If you are seriously thinking of many Swing GUIs development, my suggestion is that: stay away from IDE. Some people may think IDE speedup the development, I don’t agree. For example : who cares about HTML form development IDE? Developers are so used to with the HTML tag, every body uses Text editor.

I would say just change your view (which is done by IDE), you will find Swing GUI development is as simple as HTML.

For example:

To write a submit button in HTML
onsubmit=”call some java script”
onmouseclick=”call some java script”
If I do in swing, I will have the same in XML.

I don’t see any difference except, in the first case browser will create the visual Object and in the second you write a little code to parse the XML and create the Object using Reflection API and attach the necessary listeners. I can share my work with you which may be useful. If I give my opinion about IDE, Netbean is very good. Layout developed by them (Group Layout) is really good.
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I have not tried JDNC, as I move mainly on the server side. It was a bit immature when I looked at it, a long while ago. But I've heard it has greatly improved since then.

However, that just covers a bit of the things you need to start developing in Swing. As a reference, if you want to develop good-looking applications, do not forget to check Romain Guy's weblog: Pretty neat tricks there ;).