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Microsoft SDK required for .NET Studio?

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i got the following settings:
Windows XP Pro, Visual C++ .NET 2003, DirectX 9 and Cygwin.

I am not sure if i need the Microsoft SDK for the .NET version of Visual Studio.

I got the JDK sources in c:\Mustang.

Can i simply copy the required dlls and other files into this directory and run make or do need to add them to the Path?

Any information about building JDL with this setting would be great.


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Check out:
and specifically

The PlatformSDK that comes with Visual Studio .NET 2003 is fine. But you will need a few components too.
(I'll try and add some more details on my own adventures in this area in a few hours).

The compilers do need to be in your PATH, make sure you either run the vcvars32.bat file or make sure you have PATH, INCLUDE, and LIB environment variables setup.
You might try building a simple C++ hello world program and make sure you can build and run that before you proceed with the other steps.

Good Luck. And let us know what problems you run into.

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thanks. I will start messing around with JDK tonight.
Having a lot of Fun ;)

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I'd promised more information on this, but I'm experiencing some network issues and I may need a few days to resolve them. Stay tuned...