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JCP Review: JSR 279 - Service Connection API for Java ME

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Nokia and Sun Microsystems have submitted JSR 279 - Service Connection API for Java ME to the JCP for review. "This JSR proposes a general-purpose high-level Service Connection API for JavaTM ME for mobile devices. The API is intended to support writing mobile clients for identity-based Web services, service-oriented architectures (SOA), and other similar network service application models involving service discovery, authentication and identity. Existing Web services APIs tend to focus on support for low-level protocols, such as SOAP and Web Services Security. However, high-value Web services for mobile devices may be quite complex, requiring identity- based discovery and authentication, multiple service providers, and invocation of device-hosted services. These may require extensive protocol exchanges, complex state machines and other logic. To provide portability and interoperability such applications need to be based on frameworks that specify how multiple protocols and services can work together in a standard way. An example of such a standard framework that is currently being deployed is the Liberty Identity Based Web Services Framework (IDWSF), specified by the Liberty Alliance. Other frameworks with similar goals are also being specified and deployed, including for example the not yet standardized WS* specification suite or UPnP. The supported model is general enough that it could also be extended to non-Web services frameworks."