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Open source it

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Joined: 2005-04-18

The open source world is growing very fast in a contagious way. The proof is that sun has anounced many open source products and even open sourcing some comercial ones.

The javaOne 2005 conference was all about communities and the strenght they give to software development and services.

We are a open source tools community and and always had the feeling that helping others we were helping ourselfs, but what is the energy that make you create a tool and put it public in a community like this. Is the ideal of making a product that alone we can't afford making, are we extremely good guys or are we living a new era of trading products ?

What do you think ?

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Joined: 2003-06-10

I think it's kind of difficult to say there's just one reason for people to share their code.

Some people do it because they created something useful and thought afterwards that it could be also useful for other people.

Some just want to start playing with some code and learn, and they expect open sourcing it will attract people to contribute with help and ideas.

Some use it as a way to experiment while publicizing it as an "online resume"

Others just want to get on the bandwagon because it sounds cool ;).


I think we could find almost as many reasons as open source contributors.